Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Emily Turns 3!

Happy Birthday Emily!

Check out our pictures from Emily's 3rd birthday party.

Anna and Russ's wedding

Although usually our pictures center around the kids, John and I had a big night out over Labor Day weekend - Anna and Russ's wedding! Beautiful wedding and so awesome to spend time with my high school friends. Apparently I "brought the class" to Table 14, but we still got shushed during the speeches (sorry). What did they expect putting us all together . . . on the balcony . . . in the corner . . . with an open bar??

Here are the pictures that prove we can still have a good time.

Vacation 2009

Once again, our family went to NH for a fun week of vacation. This time, we stayed with Nana and Grandpa Matousek, which was a huge improvement over last year, when Emily spent the entire week asking to see and call her grandparents.

We visited Storyland and Santa's Village, and played in the pool. Emily surprised us all by getting her face painted by a stranger. Sam was totally happy to hang out with us on all of our adventures. John and I even got a day off to go hiking and play mini-golf.

Enjoy our pictures!

August 2009

Think they're related?

August brought lots of exciting events - visits with friends, town fair, and a trip to Davis' Farmland (complete with Daddy face painting). Sam started solid foods, and Emily discovered that it can be fun to bring Sam toys to play with.

Check out our pictures!