Saturday, August 07, 2010

July 2010

Don't you love the sunglasses?! This month we took a trip to the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens with Nanna and Pop and had a great trip to Davis' Farmland. Sam really loves the animals there, and Emily even went into the Splash Park.

And yes, you will see pictures of Sam painting with colored vanilla pudding. What was I thinking?

Enjoy the pictures.

Tanglewood 2010

John and I had our first weekend away in 2 years! We went to the Berkshires, and had a wonderful and relaxing time wandering through the Botanical Gardens, exploring the sculpture garden/woods at Chesterwood (the home of Daniel Chester French who sculpted Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial), and finding a cool pottery studio.

The highlight though was picnicing under the stars at Tanglewood, listening to Mahler's 3rd symphony. By the way, this is the longest symphony EVER! We enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you very much Nana and Grandpa for watching Sam and Emily!

Here are our pictures.

Flip Flop Fiesta 2010

Emily had her big gymnastics end of the year show - the Flip Flop Fiesta - on June 14. She did a wonderful job on the bars, balance beam, trampoline, and floor exercises. Way to go Emily! And congratulations on your first big trophy!

I tried to get her centered in the pictures, but I will admit that some are more like "where's Waldo". Happy hunting!

Enjoy the pictures.

June 2010

Emily gets her nails painted, John and Pop install a kitchen pantry, we plant some flowers in the garden, and the kids have lots of fun in the pool. Oh yes, and Emily learns how to walk like an Egyptian. Great month!

Check out our pictures from June.