Thursday, November 03, 2011

October 2011 and Hallowasn't

This has certainly been one bizarre October! But even a snow storm two days before Halloween and the rescheduling of trick-or-treating couldn't ruin our spooky fun. Since we couldn't go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, we invited the cousins over for an impromptu party and indoor trick-or-treating. The kids thought it was pretty awesome. To get ready for Halloween, I took the kids on an eerie trip to the zoo and we made lots of crafts, including some haunted houses and a creepy gingerbread house.

Enjoy the pictures! And don't worry, you will get to see a lot more pictures of my tiger and witch after we go trick-or-treating this weekend.


September 2011

We did a lot more in September than have birthday parties for Emily (although both of her parties were awesome!). The kids had a crazy amount of fun drawing train tracks all over the driveway and riding their bikes on them. Emily is getting really good at maneuvering and Sam loved having a "caboose" hitched to his bike. We also took the kids to Halibut Point in Rockport where we all had a blast climbing on the huge rocks by the sea.

Enjoy the pictures!