Friday, October 08, 2010

September 2010

Back to school for Emily! She was so excited to be heading back to preschool and her friends- what a wonderful change from last year. We also squeezed in one last beach trip with Nana and a visit to the zoo.

Sam is picking up new words every day, though "Mommy" is still the one I hear most often! He and Emily are playing so well together suddenly. Nothing makes me happier than hearing them giggling together or watching Emily find ways to include Sam in her games. It helps that he is a wonderful tea party guest!

Enjoy the pictures.

Emily Turns 4!

Happy Birthday Emily!

Birthday presents, birthday playground trip, birthday dinner with Nanna and Pop, and of course birthday PARTY!

Em had a blast celebrating her 4th birthday, and we all had a lot of fun too - especially the adults who were brave enough to try the bounce house!

Enjoy the pictures.

August 2010

We had quite a month! Visit to the Discovery Museum, apple and flower picking with friends, and crazy face painting at Davis' Farmland. We enjoyed a great visit with lots of John's family - Aunt Ann, John, Jimmy, Mary, and their 4 kids. And of course we spent lots of time just playing around outside.

Oh, and John finished our fire pit - awesome!!!

Enjoy the latest pictures.