Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween!

Emily and Sam had an action-packed Halloween this year. Pumpkin carving, a Halloween party with a friend from Emily's school (complete with hay ride!), and of course trick-or-treating. Sam stayed home and helped me pass out candy while Emily and John went trick-or-treating with the Russell cousins.

Enjoy our frighteningly cute pictures!

September and October 2009

The last two months have flown by! Emily started preschool, Sam learned to sit up on his own, we planted a million and one bulbs in the front yard for the spring, and we spent some warm afternoons at the playground. It took a few weeks, but Emily has adjusted very well to school. It didn't take nearly as long for me to get used to several quiet hours a few mornings a week!

Enjoy the pictures!